Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows, Exhibits, Expos, Workshops &  Seminars
Transportation and Planning International Consultants
Formulating an engaging program for a meeting or conference is essential to reaching your organisation's targets and goals.g for liveable Cities”

Quality of Service - We believe service must be courteous, efficient and prompt, that deadlines must always be met and that client needs and wishes
​must be understood and respected.

Practical Solutions - We work to ensure that the strategic and operational solutions we provide are practical and workable within the framework of our clients' operational limitations and financial resources.

Ethics - Because our credibility and reputation are vital to us, we base our business dealings and our relationships with our clients on integrity,
​honesty and a solid commitment to high ethical standards.

Relationships - We aim to build ongoing relationships with our clients that are mutually beneficial and will grow over time. This approach starts with
​our first client meeting, as we never treat a client as a short-term proposition.

Business Strategy Consulting - Information systems planning, analysis and design, operations process and workflow analysis: performance improvement; business planning; selection and implementation; project management and facilitation; business industry strategy; network planning; financial and manufacturing systems; feasibility studies; cost containment; contingency planning.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows - our structured approach to the management of exhibitions and trade shows ensures the client is involved in the process, is kept updated on the latest sales and also highlights opportunities to further maximise event revenue and marketing impact.

Our goal is to promote collaboration among suppliers and vendors to focus on servicing companies that want to create international incentive programs. Working cooperatively, we're able to better serve and educate the market by working as a team. We realise the strength in shared knowledge, and to provide incentive resources to corporations seeking to launch global events and programs.
Global Incentive Management
SVI Group is acknowledged for Its expertise in major infrastructure strategies and appraisal; traffic and transport planning; train and tram projects; bus and bus/rail interchanges; bus planning and operations and pedestrian planning, also to provide high level technical, strategic and policy advice to a range of public sector clients and private organisations across a wide range of transportation and urban planning projects.

SVI provides cost effective professional planning and resource management services across a broad spectrum of urban and rural projects throughout New Zealand, ranging from small developments to large scale infrastructure projects.

SVI town planning consultants are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge, with expertise in all resource consent types including landuse and subdivision consents, discharge permits, water permits and coastal permits, covering a range of sectors including residential, retail, offices, rural, industrial, and the public sector. All work we undertake is covered by our quality assurance processes. As part of the process we communicate with you throughout the project to ensure your specific requirements are met.

We take a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to planning projects, whilst adapting the inputs to the scale of each project, and deliver successful outcomes to our clients that contribute to sustainable environments for the community.

SVI Services :
  • Public Transport Networks
  • ​Integrated land Use Transportation
  • ​Local Implementation Plans
  • ​Parking Strategy
  • ​Master Planning
  • ​Urban Design and Architecture
  • ​Strategic and Development Planning
  • ​Transport Planning
  • ​Sustainability
  • ​Socio-economic and Community Engagemen
​Performance Improvement -If you are truly serious about improving performance and results, cultural transformation or perhaps a new business model program. We work
​with your team to transform your operation and secure the highest return on investment (ROI) for your consulting service.

Enterprise Risk Management - SVI ERM program is designed to provide your corporation with an organised, holistic strategy to identify, implement and manage a sound and sustainable risk management program.

Strategic Technology Planning and Analysis - Matching your true business needs with the right technology. Services include planning and analysis, feasibility studies, RFP development, vendor selection and project management, to name a few.

Green Initiatives
Creating strategies to promote environmental sustainability across the enterprise, while improving efficiency and profitability at the same time.
​This program optimises the use of process, technology and staffing, which drive the demand for energy and material usage.
SVI was established in 2001 offering own international conferences, incentive and special event management.
In the early days we were a family owned business servicing our own International event's, workshops and seminars. However we grew steadily and so did our meeting and conferences base throughout UAE, Australia and Asia.
Conference, workshop, seminars incentive and special event management continue to be the core services we offer today.
We have remained true to our commitment to values, integrity and an absolute focus on customer service.
We have built a strong reputation and hold a prominent position in our industry.
For many years we have been heavily involved in industries close to Project Management and Information Technology.
We are experienced in creating program enhancements such as executive reward, team building, motivation, special events, gala awards events, product launches and major productions.
Many of our clients are repeat customers.
We have supported our industry in benchmarking professional standards.
Today our head office is substantial in infrastructure and we have qualified consultants located in Perth, Sydney and Dubai.
We have strong international networks and a reputation for delivering a high level of service.

Planning Services...

Going beyond events logistics, SVI provides leadership in the execution of results orientated meetings using a unique and effective model for success.
With a depth of experience in executing large and complex international events, SVI provides full PCO and DMC services to a wide range of clients across many sectors.
​Additionally, the SVI Group is a professional global conference organiser specialist in all aspects of conference ,workshops and seminars. SVI has extensive experience convening and managing events such as business conventions, conferences, meetings, and similar. They regularly manage their own events or can assist and manage in staging your own unique business events.

Delegate Services

Events central is a division of Event corp designed to provide event organizers with an efficient and cost effective solution for handling group registration, accommodation and travel.
Providing an online registration and manual registration facility for event delegates Events central makes customer service its highest priority.

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SVI caters to selective but demanding segments in the group business: incentives, congresses, conventions and special interest programs.
Our goal is to be your total Solution

SVI providing a service and operation officers will carefully review your requirements and consider numerous options in determining the ideal solution and creative program for you and your clients

We will present our advice that best meet your objectives. and best results

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Association Management, Event Planning, Business Services
We help associations with a wide range of association management, event planning, business services at an affordable fee. Our structure helps associations by sharing our professional staff with multiple associations. As a management company, we share our expertise and experience gained from working with many clients and our infrastructure costs are lower due to the shared structure.

Your needs are varied - no problem! Our conference and event management team at SVI ensures a successful event for every client. We coordinate all aspects of our client(s) events and provide detail-oriented logistical support from the first meeting through post-conference evaluation to meet your needs. We offer a host of services ranging from board and committee support, exhibit hall administration, registration & housing, logistical management and much more!