Keynote Speakers
Presenters and keynote speakers
Focus on the benefits that can be achieved by adopting innovative approaches to new urbanism & smart transport, and featured emerging trends and best practice in strategic planning, policy, architectural design, urban and regional planning, road management, road safety measures and institutional requirements.

Ministers, Special Expert International and Australian Key Note Speakers has been attended to led the conference sessions and this unique conference provided an opportunity for others to contribute experience, research and ideas to making it happened.

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VIP's and Keynote Speakers
                    Tan Sri Dato"                              Prof. Peter                            Prof. Ahmad                                     Prof. Saadiah                   Masaki  Ogata
                    Seri Jaffar Al Bar                        Newman                               Farhan                                              Yaha                                Vice-Chairman
                    Chairman Of Land                       Director Of                          Dean USM                                       Director of                       East Japan Railway
                    Public Transport                          CUPS at Curtin                    Malaysia                                           MITRANS                      Company
                      Commission SPAD                          University                                                                                Malaysia

               Antony Springg                                  Dr. Dahlia                                       Prof. Datuk                                                       Prof. Lyndsy Neilson
               CEO,Infrastructure                            Deputy Director                              Ismail Bin Ibrahim                                            Managing Director 
               Sustainability                                     General                                           Chief Executive                                                 Neilson Associates
               Council of Australia                           (Development)                               Iskandar Regional
               (ISCA)                                                Fed. Dep. TP                                  Development Auth.

          Dr Ken Welsh
  International Moderator  

Councellor John Mant                     Rob McLenary                               Prof. Mark Stevenson                        John Hartley
City of Sydney                              Global CEO                                    Director, Monash                              Assistant Commoissioner
                                                  (iRAP)                                          (MUARC)                                         NSW Police
Peter Wells                              Prof. Wong                                   Graham Fraine                                     formerly Commissioner
Director Customer                     Director- General                          Deputy Director-General                        of Main Roads, WA
& Compliance                           Malaysian Institute                       QLD Dep. Transport &                            highly regarded WA
(RMS)                                     Road Safety                                Main Roads                                        State Government
SVI  International Conferences calling for high profile expert
& authors  to present a papers
to encourage scientific papers for peer review and practitioner papers for non-peer review acceptance

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Said Dahdah                                    Adj. Prof. Soames                              Prof. Grzebieta                       
World Bank                                      NSW Uni                                        Road Safety at Transport a Road
                                                      formerly Executive                            Safety Research
                                                      Director, National                              (TARS) NSW University                    
                                                      Road Safety Council                      
Lori Mooren                                                       Martin Smal
Senior Research Fellow                                       formerly Director ANCAP
Injury Risk Management                                      formerly Director Road Safety & Environment
Research Centre                                                  SA Dep. Of Planning & Transport
NSW University